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Elevate Your Landscape With Killer Cleanups

As a full-service company, we specialize in seasonal cleanups, mulching, new landscaping projects, and raised garden bed installations. Our offerings also include weekly mowing, precise edging, expert trimming of bushes and hedges, grass patching and leveling, tree pruning, and removal of unwanted shrubs, bushes, and small trees. We excel in bed cleaning, patio cleanups, and even installing rock wall edges for your mulch beds. At Killer Cleanups, our commitment to exceptional customer service ensures your needs are not just met but exceeded, while our exceptional work speaks volumes for itself.

Our Services


A Complete Killer Cleanup 

There is no outdoor space to overgrown for Killer Cleanups. From ripping out ivy, rototilling, extensively trimming back bushes, new topsoil and reseeding grass. Killer Cleanups has it covered. If you have an outdoor space in need of major overhaul then Killer Cleanups is the one to call. 

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